Professional Life

After graduating from the University of Guelph with a Degree in Child Studies and a Minor in Psychology, I developed and ran a drop-in centre at Humber College for the children of mature and part-time student parents. It was immensely satisfying work and at the same time I was grooming myself for a teaching position with the faculty of the college. The move to Alberta changed all of that. Work in my field was unavailable so I resorted to helping my husband with his business. It was the time of the construction boom and I became one of the first women to learn to write "schedules" for the various types of hardware required to meet usage and safety standards for the door industry.

This enabled me to acquire business skills that complemented the people skills that I had already honed while working with children, their parents and the community college faculty.

With the return to Ontario I decided it was time to follow my hearts desire and in 1986 I founded Leaded Lights Stained Glass. What followed was twenty two years of the happiest times of my life; designing and manufacturing architectural stained glass primarily for residential use.

My special gift has always been the ability to intuit people's base concerns. Much like an empath, generally within a half-hour conversation I could interpret to the client what they were looking for even when they themselves did not have the words to express the concept; knowing only the feelings they wanted evoked.

I have built stained glass windows for cabinetry, interior walls, room dividers, doors, sidelights, transoms and skylights. Leaded Lights Stained Glass still exists but without me. I was forced to turn the reins over to two of my dedicated employees while I dealt with a health issue. While convalescing, I came to terms with the reality that I wanted to concentrate on the one area of my hearts desire that I had always been too busy to fully develop — traditional glass painting. Many of my most favourite projects included glass painting, but now I want to devote my time to it with greater zeal.

Not being in the position to return to the physical demands of large scale architectural glass, I now create art glass. My works are designed for beauty and grace not necessarily function. I am no longer restricted by the concerns of keeping the weather out, nor am I limited to designing to conform to specific architectural requirements. I will still work on commissions to satisfy clients' requests, but the focus of my glass painting is specialized on the art form.